only £1

I created this website in memory of my beloved cat, Roger. He was a dear boy and one of those cats who loved his mistress. Many cats are fond of us humans, but only special cats love us and we know they love us.  Roger was one of those dear creatures.

I have had many cats live with me, and dogs, and always felt so sad when they died of old age yet felt happier that they had been given such a long time to be with us.

Roger wasnít given that time.  He was taken away early - like Poppy who died in her 4th year, & LilíBoy who died at 6 months. 

I have been sent photos of beloved cats, and dogs, & put their photos on the website - but - there is always a but...... this type of website doesnít come for free.

If you have a spare £1 or even $1 you donít need, I would be truly grateful for it.  In return you may  copy any of the pictures you find here.

You can give something through Paypal to & I thank you in anticipation.

I do hope you like the website & didnít mind seeing Roger during his last moments with us.

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