Roger is my beloved cat -  born on 23rd December 1997.   He is my dearest friend & I love him very dearly. He has cancer in  both his kidneys and is not expected to live much longer.  I will be  devastated when he goes & I am already grieving for him. I will not  know if I will be able to cuddle him again in another life.

Roger died at 8.50pm on 25th March 2006

This is his website &  while I am able to, with your help, I will keep his photos on the internet.



A  few weeks before he died I wrote this lot below - written when I hoped for a miracle, written when I could still hold his warm body, ruffle his silky fur, kiss him behind his ears, hold his front paws in my hands while he curled his fingers around mine. His body has died but he has’nt  left me.


         ” My  lovely cat is ill - he has cancer in  both his  kidneys - commonly known as renal lymphoma. 

          My little boy lost his voice - it came back as a squeak which grew to a croak - better than nothing.

          He has had chemotherapy injections, lots of strength  building tablets, and a quarter of a chemo tablet every 3 days which makes him dribble & foam at the mouth until I found a special  veterinary treat to wrap  it in.

          There  is little point in going into deep details about his  treatment - easy enough for you to find this  information  online - just type in Feline Renal Lymphoma & you’ll find lots of  information  about it.

          Financial  information for UK owners: you take your kit-kat to the vet because he or she is suddenly drinking buckets of water, throwing up & losing weight. The vet keeps  your baby  in the hospital for a few days while  doing tests - and the bill comes to around  £250.

          The  vet is kind enough to estimate that  further  treatment with chemotherapy is going to cost you around  £80 a  week, and the special food for your cat, Hills KD costs £10.50 per 12 tins (my cat ate 2 of these a day at the beginning) or Royal Canin 100 gram pouches  at 50p  each.  Treatment of some type will  continue for the rest of Roger’s  life.

          The  distressing part is when you need to get food into your cat & he refuses to eat, turns the back to you  or  just walks out the room as though you’re  wasting his time.  I realised that Roger does’nt  appear to be able to smell his food properly,  but  trusts me enough to sniff very closely what I have on my  hand. A bit messy (and very smelly - you need to wash with soap & water) but he  will eat quite a lot  from my hand.  I mince up his food and mix in a  little water - I think he does’nt like to chew  and prefers just to lap up his food. ”